Asda server glitch leaves customers without online shopping

Soz, you'll just have to get in your car and pick up a basket

Asda customers were bereft of their weekend deliveries after a server glitch cancelled 15 per cent of online orders.

The supermarket biz said the glitch was an "unforeseeable" incident which began on Saturday night affecting home deliveries and click-and-collect purchases.

An Asda spokesperson said the issue has been resolved: "As an apology to our customers affected by a technical glitch today during a major system upgrade we are offering a £15 discount and are rebooking their orders for as soon as convenient to them."

One customer got in touch to say he was told the issue originated with Asda's US parent company, Walmart. "We did manage to get a home delivery on Sunday and the driver told us that it had been a national problem," he said. "I was somewhat incredulous at the thought that an organisation like Walmart would have a single point of failure which could wipe out their global delivery capability!"

Other customers were quick to vent on Twitter:

The supermarket recently scrapped its ecommerce strategy to reach 1,000 click-and-collect sites by 2018, meaning it will halt the planned roll-out of the service at London Underground stations, a goal that would have seen it increase physical access to Asda from 53 per cent of the population to 70 per cent, according to Retail Week. ®

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