Google flying car spotted?

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A flying car prototype funded by Google parent company Alphabet's boss Larry Page has reportedly been seen hovering over the California town of Hollister.

The vehicle, built by secretive aviation outfit Zee.Aero, is powered by electric fans. It can take off vertically and also has wheels for road travel. The company is backed by Page but not by Google, which has its own advanced automotive plans.

Steve Eggleston, a local worker at DK Turbines, spotted the aircraft hovering about 25 feet off the ground at the local airport and snapped a pic, The Mercury News reports. The firm has made no comment, but its plans were detailed in a 2013 patent filing. Local residents are in the dark over Zee.Aero's plans.

"It was known they wanted their privacy," said Hollister Mayor Ignacio Velazquez. "I just believe in people's privacy." ®


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