Kroll Ontrack acquired for US$410m by LDiscovery

Behold! A global titan of data retrieval is upon us

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Data recovery and discovery outfit Kroll Ontrack has been acquired, for US$410m.

Kroll Ontrack's buyer is LDiscovery, LLC, an outfit that specialises in data management services for law firms. Kroll plays in that field, too, but also boasts expertise in home and business data recovery services that see the firm prise open storage devices to retrieve data thought lost after device failure or less savoury incidents.

The two companies will have a very broad portfolio of data management services. Both can do eDiscovery, the practice of sifting through huge piles of documents to find smoking guns that help litigators. LDiscovery also offers forensics, tape restoration and even operates a physical facility in which legal teams can review documents.

LDiscovery bills the acquisition as spreading its reach and the range of services it offers. Kroll Ontrack's parent company Corporate Risk Holdings says selling the company will help it to grow in the company of a like-minded partner/owner.

Corporate Risk Holdings will retain the rest of the Kroll business, which focuses on risk management and security consultancy.

All are promising business as usual for clients, better days ahead and a bright future for staff. ®


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