No NY love for Airbnb

The state of New York and DIY lodging broker Airbnb are on the outs over a new state law banning short-term rentals.

The law, signed last Friday by Governor Andrew Cuomo, calls for fines of up to $7,500 for anyone who rents out a vacant apartment (subletting an occupied home is allowed) for fewer than 30 days at a time.

The ruling will clamp down on the market for Airbnb rentals by preventing landlords from keeping apartments specifically as short-term rental units, with the aim of freeing up apartments for residents.

Airbnb, however, is not taking the ruling laying down. Just hours after the law was signed into effect by Cuomo, the company filed suit, claiming the New York law violates both the fourteenth amendment and federal communications laws.

"In typical fashion, Albany back-room dealing rewarded a special interest – the price-gouging hotel industry – and ignored the voices of tens of thousands of New Yorkers," Airbnb says.

"A majority of New Yorkers have embraced home sharing, and we will continue to fight for a smart policy solution that works for the people, not the powerful." ®

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