Small fry Scale offers single-node HCI boxen for the ROBO crowd

That's plenty for Remote and Branch Offices, says firm

Scale Computing is set to announce a single-node configuration of its HC3 hyper-converged infrastructure appliance (HCIA).

Scale says it provides replication and remote management for disaster recovery (DR) and distributed enterprise deployments – remote and branch offices (ROBO). It is less costly than normal HCIA deployments, which need a minimum of three nodes or more in a cluster. The idea is to have Scale clusters in larger and central offices and have them manage the edge node in a ROBO or DR site.

Scale competitor Pivot3 introduced an Edge Office single node earlier this month. The idea is the same; provide a single box converging compute, storage, networking and hypervisor with remote management for sites that don't need a full-bore system.

The DR justification for using a small system is that a smaller infrastructure is enough to run critical workloads until primary sites are restored. For ROBO sites Scale says that they often only need to support a handful of workloads, and even a minimum cluster with multiple nodes can be excessive.

We expect the hardware to be a single HC1100 node, taking up 1U of rackspace.

SCale_Computing_HC1100 - 3 nodes

Scale Computing hardware: three HC1100 nodes

The HC3 product doesn’t involve buying a virtualisation licence or additional and external storage. Pivot3 Edge Office nodes start at $20,000 MSRP. Scale sells a hyper-converged, three-node cluster for less than $25,000, so we expect single-node pricing to be below this. More details as to price and availability will be released this week. ®

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