Gov.UK goes TITSUP

Workers wait with Whitehall whiteout

The website for the British government has suffered a little TITSUP, that is a total inability to support usual politicking.

The domain is suffering intermittent issues at the moment, and many citizens are complaining of their inability to access the resource.

Speaking to The Register on the phone, a Cabinet Office spokesperson said they had "just found about the issue" and are "looking into it now".

It is not the only recent wobble of the site, with another occurring on 21 October and being fixed on the same day.

One reader complained that, in their attempt to register a new limited company, they were being served "what looks like a DNS resolution failure."

They asked: "Has the gov web presence gone the same way as Teresa May's Brexit policy?"

The Cabinet Office said they would send us their official line shortly. ®

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