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Building a DevOps business case

Learn how in Automic Webinar

Promo As a Register reader you are no doubt aware of Gartner's "Hype Cycle", a useful snapshot to assess the maturity emerging technologies.

It is unclear to this publication where DevOps lies exactly is in this hierarchy – is it "at the peak of inflated expectations" or "the trough of disillusionment"?

However, it is clear that one day most, maybe all, software delivery will be automated. In other words, managed by other software.

But first, unless you are a greenfield operation, there are huge obstacles to overcome: legacy software, legacy skills, cultural resistance, C-Level ignorance, and consequently, budgets.

So how to get your DevOps project onto the agenda of the business? In this webinar Michael Schmidt, DevOps Consulting Practice Lead at Automic, will introduce you to a business case model for agile and DevOps (registration).

According to Michael, the model helps to "quantify the value of frequent application releases and balance them against risk and costs of your DevOps initiative. Investment into automation weighs in as a strategic option to reduce manual efforts in high-frequency release scenarios."

The event is broadcast live on Wednesday November 9 at 11am CET, again at 10am PST before it is made available on demand.

This webinar is one of eight episodes in a series called The Road to Continuous Delivery. Tune in to gain strategic and practical advice that will help you assemble your DevOps business case and build your planning framework.

Find out more and sign up for The Road to Continuous Delivery webinars here.

Here are some more dates for your diary.

  • November 30 – Purposeful Provisioning – 11am CET
  • November 30 – Purposeful Provisioning – 10am PST
  • December 14 – Fulfilling the Promise of DevOps – 11am CET
  • December 14 – Fulfilling the Promise of DevOps – 10am PST
  • December 28 – Agile Ops – 10am BST | 11am CET
  • December 28 – Agile Ops – 10am PST

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