Apple rushes out iOS 10.1.1 fix after health data flat lines

Now with less-random information wiping

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Apple has once again posted an update to iOS, this time to address a bug it introduced with the last patch.

The iOS 10.1.1 update contains little in the way of new features or bug fixes for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Rather, it addresses a single flaw that had in some cases caused a loss of the ability to view stored health data. This information includes things like steps walked, hours slept, weight and heart rates collected from connected wearables.

Apple says that for those running iOS 10.1, the update will patch the bug, which had resulted in users reporting that after the 10.1 firmware was installed, they could no longer see their information stored in the Health app.

Apple says that the 10.1.1 fix will once again let viewers see the data – which was not actually deleted but was hidden from user view. The update weighs in at a lean 64MB and can be downloaded through the iOS Software Update tool.

For those who have not yet updated from iOS 10.0, Software Update will deliver the full 220MB iOS 10.1.1 package, including all of the updates from IOS 10.1 as well as the fixed (and visible) Health data.

The iOS 10.1 update, released last week, included new features for the Photos, Maps, Messages and Apple Watch apps, as well as a number of bug fixes for stability issues in the mobile OS.

It also included a sizeable payload of security fixes to patch critical vulnerabilities in the handling of JPEG files and web pages that would allow for remote code execution, and a handful of information disclosure vulnerabilities.

Along with the iOS update, Apple posted fixes for security holes (in some cases the same issues present in iOS) for OS X, Apple Watch, and AppleTV. ®


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