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HyperStore gets Coldline for tired old objects

Take a chill in Google's cloud care home

Cloudian is integrating its HyperStore object storage with Google's Coldline archive in the cloud.

Google's cloud archive becomes a place for low-access rate objects that can't be deleted, while higher access rate objects remain in Cloudian's on-premises object store. The resulting two-tier object store is managed as a single resource.

Cloudian CEO and co-founder Michael Tso said that although objects could go to Coldline, their metadata stayed on-premises in the Cloudian array for faster data discovery. In effect an object "stub", the metadata, remains behind when the object is moved, analogous to the old file virtualisation products. That means object search speeds are not affected by tiering off to the cloud.

Policies can be set up to automatically migrate qualifying objects to Coldline. Cloudian's HyperStore product has had a a Coldline API added to it.

Unlike Amazon's Glacier, which takes three to five hours before data retrieval starts, Coldline has a relatively low latency retrieval profile, with data transfer to your site starting in less than a second. El Reg expects other on-premises object stores to add Google Cloudline back-end support in the coming weeks and months.

Cloudian doesn't want us to forget that, while cuddling up to Goog, it guarantees full interoperability with all Amazon S3-enabled applications offered by vendors such as Adobe, Computer Associates, Commvault, Citrix, IBM, Veritas, Red Hat, and others. ®

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