Is password security at just $1/month too expensive for most?

LastPass' free tier now works on all devices, which used to cost a buck a month

With major breaches regularly turning up a prevalence of laughably predictable passwords, you'd think that the likes of password locker LastPass should find it easy to sell its wares for US$1 a month.

But even that price looks to be a hard sell: why else would the company have taken features from its Premium product and made them a part of its free service?

The company says the decision to take multi-device access from its paid to free tier was done “to empower our users to take back control of their online security, and no longer feel powerless against the next wave of breaches.”

That reasoning makes for a nice blog post. The Register wonders if it's really a plan to expose users to more functionality, more often, in the hope they take the buck-a-month plunge.

The benefit of the Premium tier is now that it covers five users, tech support and fingerprint authentication when supported by hardware. For the rest of us freeloading, the gratis edition has added a “Security Challenge” that looks for weak and duplicated passwords, then suggests you change them. ®

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