Swiss, geez: Robo-hooker coffee shop to be erected in Geneva

Sudo how 'bout a quickie?

A cafe owner from Switzerland is planning to open a coffee shop sex parlour staffed by robotic filles de joie.

Bradley Charvet told Swiss newspaper Le Matin this week that he had planned to have his so-called Cafe Fellatio in Geneva staffed by human sex workers, but after running into legal hurdles he is now looking to purchase and install robot sex dolls instead.

Prostitution is legal in Switzerland, but laws don't allow the, er, services to be offered in any restaurant that also serves food and drink.

Charvet, who also runs an escort service staffed by humans, had planned for cafe-goers to purchase a drink, then use an iPad to select their on-demand lover to perform oral sex on them, but with authorities in Geneva unlikely to approve of the plan, he faced a long, hard road ahead.

He now says he is in talks with a supplier in the US who would sell him eight to ten of the sex dolls for $1,800 to $3,000 apiece and allow him to offer the €55 coffee/copulation package without running afoul of the law, and instead making "coffee shop cleaner" the worst job in Switzerland.

The prospective doll-of-negotiable-affections supplier is not named.

If the business does get up and running, we hope the blow-bots are properly calibrated; wouldn't want any of the punters suffering a blue scream of death. ®

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