Teen in the dock on terror apologist charge for naming Wi-Fi network 'Daesh 21'

Zut alors!

An 18-year-old broke France's anti-terror laws by naming his home Wi-Fi network "Daesh 21" – after the medieval murder bastards ISIS.

The unnamed teen was given a three-month jail sentence, suspended for now, after he was found guilty of essentially publicly condoning a terrorist act or group.

According to daily newspaper The Public Good, which covers Côte-d'Or in eastern France, the chap had chosen the SSID for his network as a joke. The 21 is a nod to his Dijon area code.

A neighbor saw the network handle and called the police, who arrested the man and, after determining he did not pose a terrorism threat himself, charged him with public support for terror acts.

The comedian was offered the opportunity to cough to his crimes and accept 100 hours of community service punishment, but he declined in favor of a trial. The stunned chap insisted to the court he was not terrorist and just wanted to finish his education at school.

We're told he broke an anti-terror rule introduced in late 2014 that can fine people up to €75,000 and send them down for five years if they provoke or praise terror activities. This punishment scales up to €100,000 and seven years in the clink if a public online platform is used. In the end, he walked away with a suspended sentence.

The Wi-Fi network has since been renamed to "Roudoudou 21" after the French DJ. ®

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