After Microsoft joins Linux, Google Cloud joins .NET Foundation

Next up, dogs and cats living together

It has been a day for software surprises – first Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation, and now Google is joining the Technical Steering Group of the .NET Foundation.

"Google is already an active contributor to .NET, including heavy involvement in the ECMA [European Computer Manufacturers Association] specification for C#. Joining the Technical Steering Group for the .NET Foundation expands our participation," said Chris Sells, product manager for Google Cloud.

"We're excited to work with the industry to contribute to .NET as an excellent open platform for developers in the enterprise."

Sells said that Google has a long record of having .NET libraries for more than 200 of its cloud services, and it recently added native GCP support for Visual Studio and PowerShell. The firm is looking to do a lot more to support .NET in the future, he promised.

For its part, the foundation said that Google had been one of the most active contributors to .NET projects over the last couple of years, and had been key in getting ECMA Standardization process for C# and resolving other issues.

"Google's work is a natural fit into the Technical Steering Group and I'm glad they have agreed to come on board to help steer the future direction of the platform," the foundation said. "It's certainly an incredibly exciting time to be a .NET developer!" ®

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