Speaking in Tech: The votes are in – and the Podcast Idol winner is...

Plus: Some cheeky touchscreen laptop reviews

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This week is the BIG Podcast Idol results show as Greg and Ed review each of the candidates to be the next Speaking in Tech podcast co-host. The podcast duo also discuss touchscreen laptops from Microsoft and Acer.

The details...

  • (0:00) Surface Pro 4 quick review: Great hardware can't save Windows
  • (3:35) Acer Chromebook r13 quick review: A little big for a convertible
  • (7:45) Podcast Idol results
  • (9:00) Role of diversity in tech podcasts
  • (12:11) The countdown of Podcast Idols #10-#3
  • (20:04) The final 3
  • (32:10) And the winner is...
  • (41:00) Conflict sells

Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

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