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ExaGrid, Pure, and Veeam want IT to march to their drumbeat

Flash array backup jungle receives a new message from Mr Tambourine Man

Flash array supplier Pure Storage and disk-based backup vendor ExaGrid want users to have Veeam backup software protect FlashArray data with ExaGrid's arrays.

So Pure Storage and ExaGrid, in collaboration with Veeam, have produced a 50-page Reference Architecture document entitled "Advanced PureStorage FlashArray Data Protection Using Veeam Backup & Replication and ExaGrid Backup Storage" (PDF).

All three suppliers delivered canned quotes, with the Veeam one from Andy Vandeveld, VP for Global Strategic Alliances, catching our attention. It says: "High-caliber products such as Pure Storage and ExaGrid further strengthen the performance that Veeam provides to its 'Always-On' customers... Our customers are the guardians of the data, and it's expected to be there – not sometimes, not some of it, not two days from now; but 24.7.365. Only best of breed can deliver that availability with excellence – consistently and reliably.  That's the drumbeat that IT is expected to march to, and that's what this partnership uniquely delivers."

So ExaGrid, Pure, and Veeam customers, if you listen hard and hear that drumbeat then you know what to do. Don't get caught in snares and follow the threesome's Mr Tambourine Man to build a magic swirling flash array backup ship. ®


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