Shhhhh! If you're quiet, Linus Torvalds might release a new Linux

But he thinks the code in rc 7 is still pretty noisy, so expect another release candidate

The world almost certainly needs to wait another week for Linux 4.9, says the operating system's overlord Linus Torvalds.

In his weekly post on the progress of the next kernel release, Torvalds announced release candidate seven of Linux 4.9, saying “ I think we got all the silly problems I was aware of fixed, and on the whole things are looking pretty good.”

So good that “ if next week ends up being very quiet, this _might_ be the last rc, although honestly I strongly suspect I'll end up doing an rc8.”

“It's been a big release, and rc7 could have been quieter. We'll see.”

This week's release adds “mostly networking and architecture updates, with a smattering of other driver updates”.

If you test them, do it quietly. ®

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