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SwiftStack, Cohesity add public cloud on-ramps

On-premises IT suppliers conniving in its own destruction

+Comment On-premises IT storage suppliers are actively working to water down the importance of on-site hardware by building on-ramps to the public cloud.

SwiftStack's Cloud Sync syncs on‑premises object-stored data with the AWS S3-accessed and Google Cloud Storage public clouds.

Cohesity's Data Platform has had a Cloud Edition added which supports the Amazon and Azure public clouds.

For SwiftStack, storage of data on‑premises or in the public cloud is defined by policies managed privately, with data automatically delivered to its defined location. The company says policy management for such hybrid clouds goes beyond basic API compatibility, placing data in hybrid cloud topologies within a single namespace.

SwiftStack says that, unlike most cloud gateways, its built-in Cloud Sync replicates native objects to a bucket in the cloud, not storing them in a proprietary archive. That makes the public cloud-held data easier to access by applications, it says, so that they can provide CDN, active archive, and collaboration facilities, plus cloud bursting and further archiving to Amazon Glacier.

Next year, SwiftStack will expand Cloud Sync capabilities to support additional public cloud platforms – Azure anyone? – and will expand data management for hybrid cloud apps. It says additional automation and interaction between private and public clouds will be continuous in every forthcoming SwiftStack release.


Cohesity says its Cloud Edition (CE) software adds cloud-based data protection, DevOps, and disaster recovery workloads to its on‑premises product. It is offering native replication from on‑premises Data Platform deployments to cloud Data Platform CE deployments. There's no need for a cloud storage gateway.

Users can run the Data Platform as a virtual instance in the cloud and replicate back and forth to their heart's content.

Cohesity VP of marketing and product management Patrick Rogers said: "This completes our original vision for a limitless storage system that spans both private and public clouds, and enables transparent data movement across clouds."

Reg comment

The hybrid cloud is becoming a reality, and on‑premises IT suppliers would say they have to listen to their customers and provide hybrid on‑premises/public cloud support.

They might also say that just because private car owners use Uber taxis doesn't mean they will give up private car ownership. But increasingly, businesses are outsourcing their deliveries to third-party delivery service suppliers, and that might be thought a better analogy to on‑premises and public cloud IT.

There are so many on-ramps to the public cloud that their collective public cloud validation effect is massive. For hardware suppliers, their software could run in the public cloud and cost them their hardware revenue streams. For software suppliers, it isn't so bad; SW instances can run in the public cloud. But for SwiftStack, why should users bother with a cloud-resident SwiftStack instance when Amazon has its own object storage?

Cohesity's DataPlatform CE is currently in preview through an early access program, and will be generally available on AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace in the first half of 2017.

SwiftStack's Cloud Sync is available now and being demonstrated in booth #213 at Amazon Web Services re:Invent, November 28 through December 2 in Las Vegas. ®


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