UK Parliament waves through 'porn-blocking' Digital Economy Bill

Up to the House of Lords now...

MPs have passed the UK government's controversial Digital Economy Bill, which will force internet service providers to impose blocks on porn sites that do not include mandatory age checks or feature kinky sex acts.

The proposed law has also been heavily criticised for enabling government departments greater access to citizens' personal data.

It went through with the support of Labour MPs. However, the Liberal Democrats opposed the bill, describing it as a draconian piece of leglislation more akin to what the Chinese or Russian governments would pass.

Campaigners have expressed concern that the legislation – in conjunction with the Investigatory Powers Act – will have a major impact on netizens' freedoms.

The Internet Service Provider Association has also called on the government "to pause and have a substantive discussion" on how any legal and regulatory change will impact "the rights of UK Internet users".

A petition to Parliament requesting the repeal of the Investigatory Powers Act has received the 100,000 signatures required to make Parliament "consider" debating the issue.

The bill will now be read in the House of Lords before receiving royal assent. ®

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