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Scality reinvents the RING, adds extra Amazon S3 polish

Software-flinger improves security, integration with v6.4

If you're in the object storage game, you'd better ensure your kit has Amazon S3 functionality and security. Storage software flogger Scality is no fool and says it has improved both with its latest RING 6.4 version.

Giorgio Regni, CTO at Scality, claims: "We designed Scality RING 6.4 to be the most secure object storage ever built."

The firm says that RING v6.4 features include:

  • Encryption at rest, with integration in customers' key management service (KMS).
  • Extension of the S3 IAM model to deliver secure multi-tenancy and granular access control.
  • Integration with AWS REST and native tools for user management.
  • Support for groups and access control policies.
  • Extended single-sign-on capabilities to support temporary credential leasing and expiration.
  • Support for S3-based bucket and object versioning to support compliance.
  • Disaster Recovery Mode providing business continuance even in the event of a data centre failure and simultaneous component (disk or server) failures in the remaining data centre.

It adds that Scality RING 6.4 system monitoring now includes component-level API probes, health-status checks, integrated metadata backup/restore, hot-standby and recovery for multi-site S3. Its integrated billing and chargeback RESTful APIs include metrics such as storage capacity, number of objects, bandwidth and operations per time unit – all good incremental development stuff.

Demonstrating its love for all things S3, Scality RING 6.4 provides an S3 Server Open Source version through the Amazon AWS Marketplace, and Scality is also now a Partner in AWS's APN programme.

Regni said: "Scality has put the S3 API at the core of its connector strategy. For the storage of unstructured data at scale, we see the world moving towards object storage, whether in private clouds or public clouds. The S3 API is the de-facto standard interface for cloud storage."

Scality will be talking up the RING 6.4 and S3 Connector at booth #420 at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas. ®


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