Microsoft adds SDN automation to System Center's Virty Manager

'Cortana, I'd like a software defined network script'. Sure. First let me sort this 404

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Microsoft's J.C. Hornbeck has valiantly tried to announce VMM SDN Express for Microsoft System Center VMM: a bundle of automation scripts covering SDN stack deployment; setup inputs; and a dummy parameters file.

More accurately, perhaps, Microsoft has nearly added software-defined networking (SDN) automation to its System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2016, because there's a couple of oddities we'll get to later.

Hornbeck reckons the idea is to cut out likely deployment errors, compared to an SDN deployment following many scripts.

“Fabric admins … are able to specify all of the parameters at one time and then come back later to a complete SDN stack, including network controller, software load balancer and gateway, all deployed through VMM,” he writes.

“Once you deploy SDN using this script, the complete stack is manageable via the VMM UI just as it would if you had deployed SDN using the VMM UI wizards”.

Because we're not only interested in snark but we enjoy it when it's on offer, El Reg has asked two questions: why Redmond went live with the post, when the VMM SDN Deployment Guide is still a 404 error; and, because it might be important, why Hornbeck linked to this GitHub repository that identifies itself as 25 commits behind the master repo.

We'll let you know when Microsoft resolves these questions ®


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