Virgin Media is so rustic and artisan you get to hand-sort your own spam

Soz about that. Mindfulness, yeah?

Virgin Media has overhauled its botched spam filtering system, which has resulted in UK businesses and customers missing thousands of legit emails.

The issues have blighted customers for over a year, since Virgin Media was forced take its email hosting back in-house after Google closed the service used by ISPs last year.

Many businesses complained they were losing important customer communications. One customer wrote to his MP Stephen Hammond.

In a letter seen by The Register, digital minister Matt Hancock wrote to Hammond, who had flagged his constituent's concerns. Hancock said Virgin had informed him of its intent to fix the problem.

"My officials will be monitoring complaints made to the Department regarding this issue, and we will follow this up with Virgin Media if necessary," he said.

In a community post this week, the firm said that from Monday 28 November it would be be updating customers' default mail settings from "reject spam" to "deliver spam to spam folder."

"This should prevent emails from being bounced back as spam, and instead give email users the option to click 'not spam' on genuine emails," it said.

It added: "We'll start making these changes to accounts from Monday 28th of November. We'll only be changing those where customers have their mail settings to 'reject spam,' and these changes will be carried out over the next 2-3 weeks." ®

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