Office 365 deployments don't secure themselves?

Find out how to resolve that at 11am GMT today

Live Broadcast Office 365 is not intrinsically secure. Its risks are not necessarily greater than they used to be, they're just different — and need to be addressed accordingly.

In this broadcast, we are going to keep things simple and direct: here’s what you need to know about those risks and how to deal with them.

We’ll set the scene with an overall view of the risks inherent in Office 365 deployments, from a people, process and technology perspective, then drill into the heart of the service and look at email security in more depth.

So if you are concerned about what you might need to do, join us and find out what you can be doing to address the issues before they come back and bite you.

If you can't make the live broadcast, register anyway and we'll email you know when the on-demand version is available.

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