Cyanogen parts ways with its founder

'Consolidation' plan will shutter one office but is hoped to unify dev team

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Mobile OS outfit Cyanogen has made further sackings and parted ways with founder Steve Kondik.

A post by CEO Lior Tal says the company is closing its Seattle office and consolidating a single Palo Alto abode.

“The purpose of the change is to improve the communication and performance of the team which will now operate under one roof,” Tal writes. “This consolidation effort will allow us to build in greater efficiencies and reduce restrictions in our product development lifecycle. Understandably some are unable to follow their role and relocate. We appreciate and value all of the amazing work these individuals have provided to the growth and success of Cyanogen.”

Folks who work in Seattle will be offered the chance to make the move south.

Tal also says “With these changes, Cyanogen has separated ties with Steve Kondik, allowing him to continue to forge his path as he sees fit. We wish him the best of luck in his next venture.”

Kondik, most recently working in the Spock-like role of chief science officer, appears to control the @Cyanogen Twitter account and used it to say the following.

Tal promises the consolidation will mean the company now has “the opportunity to leverage our core technologies developed over the last few years in new and exciting ways.”

“The company is well funded and will continue to recruit great people to help expand the core functions of our team,” he adds.

Whether anyone cares is now the question: Cyanogen has admitted that Android is the rampant runaway leader in the mobile world, alternatives like Tizen are struggling to get a toe-hold and even BlackBerry has more or less given up on its OS as a business.

So good luck, Cyanogen. And better luck to your investors. ®


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