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Speaking in Tech: Did an open source guru just ask us to join Amazon?

We must have misheard... Plus - a Windows 10 Xmas


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This week our intrepid tech podcasters – Ed, Greg and Melissa – ham it up with Tyler Britten of the office of the CTO at IBM Cloud Platform to discuss containers, open source, AWS, Snapchat, Samsung's Note 7 and periodic corporate reorgs. Don’t sweat the tech, everything is awesome.

  • (0:00) Introducing Tyler Britten, Office of the CTO at IBM Cloud Platform
  • (4:05) Containers are getting hot
  • (6:40) More tech please
  • (8:25) Millage run
  • (10:06) AWS: Everything is awesome
  • (12:15) Snowmobile
  • (16:55) Greengrass
  • (18:45) Open Source guru: Just join Amazon?
  • (25:15) Snow Bursting
  • (19:11) Sextacles
  • (33:17) Samsung Note 7 got the squeeze
  • (38:30) Windows 10 under the Christmas tree
  • (39:50) What was Zuck doing at 12?
  • (43:00) Reorgs and management consulting scams

Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

Speaking in Tech: Episode

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