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Silver screen script hacker and dox douche gets 5 years in US cooler

Hello [celebrity], please reset your password

Bahamas man Alonzo Knowles has been sentenced to five years jail for hacking the email accounts of celebrities to steal and sell unreleased television and movie scripts, music, financial documents, and pornographic self footage.

Knowles plead guilty to criminal copyright infringement and identity theft in May and was sentenced this week by US District Judge Paul Engelmayer.

The 24-year-old hacker stole at least 25 unreleased TV and movie scripts including upcoming Tupac flick All Eyez On Me after tricking celebrities into filling their usernames and passwords into phishing emails.

Knowles offered to sell scripts to a radio host who then informed the TV show's producer.

Over the course of two weeks in December 2015, Knowles and an undercover law enforcement agent (the UC) communicated about the stolen materials Knowles sought to sell to the UC. Knowles claimed to the UC that he had “exclusive content” that was “really profitable” and worth “hundreds of thousands of dollars.” Knowles stated that he obtained the material directly from the Victims without their knowledge, and claimed to be able to acquire such material from at least some of the approximately 130 Victims whose email addresses and phone numbers he had in his possession.

From there he attempted to sell the script to agents from the US Department of Homeland Security posing as buyers in a video conference call.

The hacker even saved the agents some jet lag by flying to New York City on 21 December last year to sell the scripts and celebrity dox for US$80,000.

Prosecutors said of the lengthy gaol term that Knowles even boasted while in prison about plans to publish a book about some of the celebrity personal information he obtained.

The hacker apologised for the "stupid things" he said.

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