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VMware starts beta for Cloud Foundation on vCloud Air

Soundtrack choices: Beta The Devil You Know, or How Soon Is Now?

VMware's quietly started asking for beta testers for its Cloud Foundation running on its own cloud, vCloud Air.

Virtzilla's cloud is a boutique service these days: the company downgraded its ambitions to become a world-girdling cloud operator in its FY 2015 earnings call . The company's alternative plan was to partner with global outfits like IBM, Century Link and OVH and to have them run up VMware-powered clouds that offered vSphere everywhere and therefore let users run in the cloud or on-premises in the same environment. VMware's plan was that in the cloud, it's better the devil you know and that users would rather keep on doing what they already know rather than learning new tricks.

That plan mutated further at VMworld 2016 with the launch of Cloud Foundation, a bundle of vSphere, Virtual SAN and NSX network virtualisation that VMware says lets you move whole software-defined data centres to the cloud, rather than just move workloads into a familiar hypervisor.

IBM quickly jumped aboard the Cloud Foundation bandwagon and VMware promised its own vCloud Air version real soon.

The Register can now reveal that VMware's new theme tune could well be How Soon Is Now?, because we've noticed this expression of interest page seeking beta testers for Cloud Foundation of vCloud Air.

There's no word on when the beta will take place or what you need to do to be selected for the beta.

But we can at least say it's going to happen.

If you've signed, know more and are willing to brave the outer limits of VMware's non-disclosure agreements, you know where to find us. ®


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