Cambridge Wireless picked for's 'Help the IoT' drive

Public dosh given to... what? Actual techies?

Networking folk Cambridge Wireless (CW) have been picked to deliver the Cambridge arm of IoTUK Boost, a government plan to pour taxpayers’ cash into Internet of Things startups.

The scheme focuses on entrepreneurs and SMEs using low power, wide area networks (LPWANs) for connecting remote IoT sensors.

Cambridge itself already has a partly deployed LoRaWAN network in place, an open spec LPWAN implementation.

CW is partnering with Everynet, the LoRa Alliance™, Iotic Labs, Smart Cambridge and the University of Cambridge to deliver the IoTUK Boost project.

At least 10 companies will be selected to receive regular showers of public gold, with successful firms receiving coaching in how to develop market-ready products and services. Winning IoT ideas will be showcased at CW’s International Conference next summer. Applicants do not need to be Cambridge-based firms.

The concept behind the IoTUK Boost programme is to take commercially useful IoT ideas to the commercial prototype or early market release stages.

“The IoT providers selected will be able to demonstrate a potential solution to one of the three core challenges facing the region: air quality monitoring, transport and primary prevention of ill health in older people,” said CW in a statement.

Biz-stimulating activities will include meet ups, open calls and training workshops, according to the Digital Catapult, another government wheeze for flinging taxpayers’ cash at any passing tech bandwagon.

“We are one of only six successful organisations across the whole country delivering this important national programme,” added CW chief exec Bob Driver. “A key role of CW is to bring together companies – both large and small – to share knowledge and insights. Importantly, as a membership organisation, CW is agnostic about alternative technology solutions. We hope this is just the first step in encouraging all the main LPWAN technology providers to test and explore the delivery of real world solutions into Cambridge.”

In addition to the CW Cambridge scheme, the IoTUK Boost programme is also operating in five other locations around the UK. ®

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