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Elon Musk wants to get into the boring business, literally

Can you dig it? Yes you will, if you're tired of being stuck in traffic

Elon Musk has fired off a series of Tweets suggesting he wants to get into the boring business. As in boring tunnels.

The serial entrepreneur seems to have been stuck in traffic and decided the best way to get out of it, in the long term, is to do what he does best: start a company to dig into the problem from a different angle.

Occasional Speaking in Tech guest, "Storagezilla", aka Mark Twomey, had this to say about Musk's new business plan.

As Inverse points out, this isn't the first time time Musk has said he digs tunnels. In the video below, from January 2016, he wonders out loud (at 21:59) why the world doesn't have more road tunnels.

“It is just a hole in the ground,” he says. “It is not that hard.” He goes on to imagine “30 layers of tunnels” beneath the world's cities, to alleviate traffic, and says “I strongly recommend tunnels.”

Youtube Video

And now it looks like Musk will do it.

He might be onto something here, as tunnelling is expensive and slow. It's also dangerous and hard. The world's longest rail tunnel, for example, is the 57km Gotthard Base Tunnel which ran years late and blew its budget by about 20 per cent.

But of course he also emitted the Tweet below back in April 2015, when trying to land a rocket on a barge.

SpaceX, Musk's space company, succeeded with its barge landing plan earlier this year. Musk is yet to announce he's bought a lair of any sort, anywhere.

Perhaps The Boring Company can dig him one? ®

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