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Oi! Linux users! Want some really insecure closed-source software?

Flash for Linux gets first upgrade in four years

Back in August Adobe reversed its decision to stop offering an NPAPI Flash plugin for Linux and promised that version 23 would come Penguinistas' way real soon now.

At the time the decision was greeted with surprise, because Adobe had not thought to update Flash for Linux since 2012's version 11.2. But the company decided that Linux users deserved a security upgrade to the infamously hole-ridden product.

It turns out the company fibbed, because it's now delivered version 24 of the plugin to Linux users, making this a thirteen-version jump between releases*.

That's the same version number offered to Windows and Mac users, but the new Linux version lacks features found on those other platforms. Linux users willing to put up with almost-certainly-insecure** will therefore have to put up with missing 3D acceleration from GPUs.

Adobe's download page offers one version of the software for Ubuntu, and one for all other 64-bit Linuxes. ®

* Nope, we can't recall a bigger jump between version numbers, but we're sure you'll set us straight in the comments.

** An assertion we make on the basis of a seemingly never-ending list of Flash flaws that have seen Microsoft, Yahoo!, YouTube, Google ( twice.) and VMware drop the software.

And rightly so, because even old Flash flaws continue to be actively exploited.

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