Building IoT: Forget the vision, just show us how to build it

Nuts, bolts and more for devs, architects and engineers

If you’ve had all the vision you can handle, and just want to know how to actually develop devices, applications and networks to exploit the internet of things, you really need to join us next March for Building IoT London.

Between March 27 and 29, we’ll be bringing together an array of experts with extensive real world experience of building - and securing - devices, networks and applications that are able to take in vast amounts of data and turn it into information that can be used by businesses. And even consumers.

Whether you’re just starting to grapple with the internet of things, or are looking to scale up your existing operation, you’ll walk away from Building IoT London with deeper knowledge not just of the potential, but of the techniques and tools that will help you realise it.

Our conference sessions range from overviews of key technologies and architectures from experts from the likes of Siemens and Bosch through indepth case studies on specific technologies such as Blockchain, MQTT and Machine Learning, and how to develop and programme IoT devices.

We’ll also be considering privacy, security and the challenges of large scale deployments, with veterans of IoT projects such as AlertMe’s Pilgrim Beart and OpenTRV’s Damon Hart-Davis.

And if you want to go really deep, we have a range of all day workshops covering Spark, Eclipse and MQTT, as well as an all-day hackathon with Arduino microcontrollers.

While the schedule is packed with IoT goodness, with a number of key speakers yet to be announced, we’ll also make sure you’ve got time to meet your fellow developers and engineers, and swap insights and war stories over some very fine food and drink.

So what are you waiting for. You can peruse the full lineup and buy early bird tickets by heading over to the website right now. ®

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