Peace comes to troubled embedded-Linux-for-routers community

In the shadow of Christmas, LEDE and OpenWrt look like un-forking

In May 2016, disgruntled developers of the embedded-Linux-for-routers distribution OpenWRT forked the project and headed off to do their own thing.

The Linux Embedded Development Environment – LEDE – project felt that OpenWRT was heading in the wrong direction and lacked engagement with the wider developer community.

Now, in the shadow of Christmas, it looks like the two factions have all-but made peace.

In this post by Hauke Mehrtens, a core developer for OpenWrt, we learn that “We had multiple meetings to find a solution to solve the problems between the OpenWrt and the LEDE project and to discuss a possible merge.”

Mehrtens' post includes minutes from those meetings, at which has been decided the two efforts should merge. The deal's not done, because both projects have some conditions they want the other to sign up for before finalising the new arrangements. Legal issues also need to be addressed before a merge can take place.

But Mehrtens is optimistic the two will become one, writing “In general we are agreeing on many parts and I am looking forward to a good merged ending for all of us.” ®

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