No more will I tailor Swift: Code lang project lead leaving Apple

Chris Lattner to head up Tesla's Autopilot software team

Chris Lattner, head of Apple's Swift and XCode, is heading for pastures new.

He announced his move in a brief post to the Swift mailing list, saying only that he's leaving Apple “later this month to pursue an opportunity in another space”.

That “other space” turns out to be Tesla, which says it's made Lattner veep of Autopilot software, allowing Jinnah Hosein to concentrate on his role at SpaceX.

Lattner says he will, however, remain active in the project, which will now be led by Ted Kremenek, who manages the Languages and Runtimes team at Cupertino.

“I plan to remain an active member of the Swift Core Team, as well as a contributor to the swift-evolution mailing list”, Lattner's post says. “Swift is in great shape today, and Swift 4 will be a really strong release with Ted as the Project Lead.”

As well as his work at Apple, Lattner was known as the main author of LLVM (originally that stood for Low Level Virtual Machine), along with Vikram Adve. He also authored the Clang compiler front-end, which uses LLVM as its back end. ®

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