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This week Greg, Ed and Melissa are joined by Amy Lewis to kick of the new year and new tech gossip. This week they talk snow, celebrity deaths, VMUG controversies and MongoDB hijacking.

The details...

  • (0:00) Eddie and the Snow Cruisers
  • (2:18) Careless Whispers
  • (3:54) 18 hours in Cancun
  • (7:28) Big gifts
  • (10:38) Car tech fail
  • (17:18) VMUG bumps Nutanix leaders: VMUGgate
  • (27:14) MongoDB databases being held ransom
  • (30:08) BBC reinvents iPhone history
  • (31:48) From Yahoo to ALTABA
  • (37:57) Unidesk gets acquired
  • (40:12) Car manuals

Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

Speaking in Tech: Episode

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