Blockchain: A digital 'golden section' that's the 'gestalt of its pieces'

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Logowatch From the world of fintech comes some momentous news.

"We're excited to announce the next phase in the evolution of our brand: our new logo," writes Blockchain founder Peter Smith. Who? Blockchain, the company that's "on a mission to build an open, accessible and fair financial future, one piece of software at a time".

If you're a keen student of cryptocurrencies, what you'll probably want to know is how Blockchain arrived at this direction. How did you arrive at this direction, Peter Smith?

"We arrived at this direction through visual explorations of the division of a fixed asset," he explains.

"With Bitcoin, there is a cap at 21 million and those bitcoins can be divided and subdivided to infinity. The block is a tiny ecosystem, and the pieces within grow, shrink and shift as the ownership of any given piece evolves. It is also a representation of how 'many' become 'one'," the CEO writes on the company blog.

"The specific divisions of the colors in this execution are also purposeful: they are based on measurements of the golden section."

He continues: "The logo as a whole honors the heritage of our previous logos while becoming more simple, modern and optimized for the digital world we're helping build. It brings us full circle to the very thing that attracted us to the Rubik's Cube in the first place: all of the squares (entries in the chain) read together as a single unit (the ecosystem); the logo is a gestalt of its pieces. And the colors are build [sic] on our most recent logo."

Here you can see all the previous Blockchain logos appear, then melt away, right before your eyes.

Unlike your money.



An occasional feature, Logowatch was introduced to The Register by the late Lester Haines in 2001. Here's his first, and his last.

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