IBM: We're not putting XIV on the cart

Big Blue claims 3 more releases coming to take us to mid-2018

IBM’s XIV storage array has three more product releases coming, and is not going away, although it is not having a fourth generation version developed, the firm has claimed.

Eric Herzog, CMO and VP of marketing and management for IBM storage and software-defined infrastructure, contacted us about our XIV-going-away story and told us that this trio of releases takes XIV’s roadmap out to mid 2018.

He said: “XIV is not going away in any way, shape or form. … We’re not abandoning it.”

That said, there will not be a fourth generation XIV array: Herzog confirmed that XIV survives as father of the A9000, which had a bunch of XIV code added to it last year. A new generation A9000 is coming, although he didn’t want to be quoted on timescales.

Herzog also reminded us that the Storwize array is an all-IBM design, IBM having bought Storwize in July 2010 for its compression technology. It liked the brand name and used it for a storage array. ®

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