NetApp rehires former exec Thurlow to run UK biz

Five years in the wilds and away from storage is enough for any man

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Industry grey beard Nick Thurlow has returned to NetApp to run the UK business half a decade after he quit.

Thurlow told us he started the role on Monday following six months of freedom after leaving his post at NetApp distributor Arrow ECS.

“I’m running the UK. I was there for 12 year previously, NetApp has some good plans and the job perfectly suited me”. He didn’t want to comment further until he gets his “feet under the table”.

His appointment came after his predecessor Elliot Howard resigned on 19 December so the storage firm had to react quickly to fill the vacancy for the new calendar year, sources told us.

NetApp is the largest of the remaining independent storage suppliers but in the last three full financial years the company’s global sales have shrunken from $6.32bn to $5.55bn.

Previously at NetApp, Thurlow was EMEA director of content delivery, veep of global services, head of EMEA sales and finally a channel chief for the region. ®


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