PS4 Pro woes: Random display blackouts caught on camera

Speculation builds over root cause of 'Connectiongate'

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Video A video of the PlayStation 4 blackout has been captured by a Register reader, shedding more light on the console's mysterious display failures.

Reg reader John made the video, in which he captured footage of him turning his TV off and on to show there is no link between the telly's own power routines and the console's.

"It is also definitely affecting the in-game audio on the PSVR," John told The Register.

The video shows John playing Rise of the Tomb Raider before his display cuts out for a few seconds.

Skip to 2:58 to see the actual blip.

Youtube Video

Previously John described the problem affecting the PSVR headset; the problem appears to be wider than that, affecting the entire console's display output.

A Sony tech support rep told John to check that everything was plugged in properly. Sony previously declined to respond to The Register about the flaw.

A blog post on the Forbes website from November suggests that a potential fix is to reboot the PS4 Pro into Safe Mode and change the DRM setting from HDCP 2.2 to 1.4.

Commentards on the previous story speculated that a hardware-based power saving function may be incorrectly sensing a lack of HDMI signal and kicking in, only to be immediately overridden by the game, causing the momentary blackouts as a result. ®


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