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Police pull up van man engaged in dual carriageway sex act

Not the first time we've come across this, say cops

A randy van man faces three points or a driver education course after he and a female passenger were nabbed in flagrante while whizzing down the A3 at Guildford in Surrey, England, yesterday.

Surrey police appear to be conducting a crackdown at the moment on drivers using their mobes while driving.

However, we presume a patrol yesterday uncovered someone using a different type of handheld, after "a driver was seen to be driving while distracted and not in proper control of his vehicle."

Whether the driver was in control of anything else is not recorded. Neither is the nature of the "sexual act" the on-the-ball cops established the driver and his female passenger were engaging in.

The cops said any previous driving offences will be taken into account and he will be issued three points and a £100 fine, or he will have to attend a driver education course.

"This isn't the first (or probably the last) time, we've come across this," they sighed.

"Don't be left red faced," the cops added. Though whether they're referring to the embarrassment of being caught, or simply the stimulating effects of enjoying some TLC while speeding through Surrey's county town, we're not sure.

Surrey has long had a reputation for public sex, topping the charts for the number of known public sex sites. A couple of years ago, residents of the hamlet of Puttenham, near Guildford, were forced to consider letting bulls roam wild to discourage a tide of naked visitors indulging in open air sex.

However, the number of known public sex sites appears to have declined, according to recent research. Though as yesterday's incident suggests, just being in Surrey is so stimulating, randy motorists are treating one of its major dual carriageways as one long dogging site. ®

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