OpenIO hires strategy head, aims disruptor beams at storage industry

Blogger/influencer/sometime Reg commentator joins OpenIO

OpenIO, an object storage startup, has recruited Enrico Signoretti as its head of product strategy.

He has commented on storage matters for The Register – see here and here for example – runs the Juku consultancy and co-organises the Tech Unplugged conferences from his Rimini, Italy, base.

OpenIO's technology uses a grid of ARM-controlled disk drive nano-nodes. They are packed into an SLS-4U96 storage enclosure, and are like Seagate's Kinetic disk drives in that they have direct Ethernet addresses and implement an object storage structure with object storage access commands, such as Get and Put. The drives run open-source SLS software.

OpenIO states: "Signoretti will provide OpenIO with his market perspective, to help product and ecosystem development, and content and awareness for OpenIO's next-generation object storage-based solutions. He will work closely with the company's technical and marketing teams, and with customers, to share the company's vision and direction."

CEO Laurent Denel said: "2017 will be an important year for OpenIO, and we are confident that Enrico will help us disrupt the storage industry."

So, storage industry, prepare to be disrupted. ®


If writing for the Reg qualifies a person to be a storage industry exec then, ahem, how can I put this? There is a possible new hire who could be persuaded with large five-figure monthly amounts of dollars, cast-iron stock options, and a health plan. This self-starting, team-playing, passionate and consummate industry professional has no Donald Trump-related immigration difficulties. As a recommender of Violin Memory stock to my friends I have an unrivalled ability to pick strategic failures... No, no, what am I saying? Start again.

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