ServiceNow pals up with Palo Alto and ties up with Tanium

Security ops service adds more sources telling you when to panic, and how much

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ServiceNow has made some new friends in the information security industry and will use them to tell you how fast to panic about intrusions.

The SaaSy trouble ticket tsar has offered a security operations product for just under a year. The idea, as with all of ServiceNow's offerings, is to put proper processes around common IT and business tasks so that work can be put on the desks of the right people, at the right time.

That's an especially handy approach when it comes to security operations, as when faecal matter flies into fans it's helpful to know which systems deserve urgent attention, which can be left to fester a while and who should have the work shoved to the top of their to-do lists.

ServiceNow's teamed up with others in the past to help its wares make those decisions for you: it can ingest data from Splunk and Qualys, for example.

Now it's added Palo Alto Networks and Tanium to its list of data-presenting partners. The former's AutoFocus contextual threat intelligence and WildFire cloud-based threat analysis will now feed into ServiceNow's systems, which will in turn be able to wrangle Palo Alto's firewalls security staff needing to ALT-TAB into another screen. Tanium's offerings can now pipe performance data from crocked end-points right into ServiceNow, even showing which processes are running.

Again, the idea's to make ServiceNow One Console To Rule Them All, but not for evil. Unless you consider SaaS comes from the dark side, but that's an argument for another story on another day. ®


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