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Cloud is the future, wait, what? Cohesity cloud software now touted for on-prem gear

Cloud Platform becomes Virtual Edition for ROBO use

Cohesity has added two more products to its Data Platform set, a software-only virtual edition and a hyper-converged node.

These join the existing three-box hardware and software set, C2100, C2300 and C2500, and the Cloud Edition product.

The cloud product is essentially the same as the newly announced Virtual Edition (VE) – a backup product that runs in a virtual machine environment and replicates its data to a central site, either for backup, disaster recovery or both. It can be remotely installed and managed.

The C2100 Hyperconverged Node was announced today but actually revealed in January. It is intended more for remote and branch offices with complex IT environments, several servers and storage facilities, for example. Cohesity says a node has compute, flash and disk storage and SW. A minimum of three nodes is required.

This is not hyper-convergence in the Nutanix/VxRail/SimpliVity sense, not being a general-purpose virtual server-based application environment including storage, networking and compute. Instead Cohesity redefines it to mean converging secondary storage silos, such as backups, files, objects, test/dev copies and analytics, into a single repository.

Cohesity said it had experienced triple-digit revenue growth on average over the last three quarters. This suggests that at least one quarter saw less than 100 per cent growth. The number of new Cohesity customers also doubled in each quarter over the same period. More than 250 petabytes of enterprise data is now stored on Cohesity systems.

Cohesity Virtual Edition will be available to customers by the end of May. ®

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