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Riverbed bakes SD-WAN into WAN optimisation

It's all cloudy, innit?

Riverbed is hoping to push more large-scale Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) deployments with a data centre version of its SteelConnect, plus integration of the system into its SteelHead appliances under the new moniker "SteelHead SD".

The SteelConnect SDI-5030 provides an SD-WAN-capable data centre gateway gets integration with the company's Interceptor appliance. This provides combined orchestration of SD-WAN and WAN optimisation to deliver applications “across thousands of remote locations”.

The point here is that as an organisation's big offices shift their applications into a handy cloud, branch offices needs WAN optimisation to reach the application. And if that can be done without adding too much extra burden to sysadmins, all the better.

The company reckons the SteelConnect/Interceptor combo also cuts down the sysadmin's work pushing configuration updates and firmware upgrades to core routers in the data centre.

This is therefore SD-WAN as an easier connection among branches, not in the telco use of the term that generally refers to shorter-term connections, often brokered, rather than the longer commitments to point-to-point links that carriers previously favoured.

The SteelConnect and SteelHead integration provides application and identification as an end-to-end optimisation on the enterprise network and in the cloud, without needing to push packets between discrete network services. ®

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