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Deloitte goes all gooey for SAP HANA on AWS

2,500 suits to be flung off bench to preach ERP on cloud

Deloitte, Amazon Web Services and SAP have cooked up a cloudy consulting confection.

The consultancy has created a new practice dedicated to AWS that we're told will have 2,500 suits poised to spring off the mythical “bench” upon which under-employed consultants dwell. Many will be either AWS certified Solution Architects or AWS certified Solution Architect Professionals. That's so many certified suits that Deloitte will elevate itself from being a mere “Advanced” partner, the third level on the the Amazon Pyramid Of Cloud Partnering Excellence*, to the fourth tier and “Premier” status.

Lots of the 2,500 are expected to get busy deploying one of the 20 pre-rolled SAP S/4HANA “industry solutions” that Deloitte has created for ERP-curious organisations in different niches.

Those solutions will get to run in Amazon's' X1 instances, beastly machines boasting 1,952 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM and four Xeon E7 8880 v3 CPUs for a total of 128 vCPUs. A smaller cut of the X1 halves the RAM and vCPU count. Both versions have bandwidth galore into and out of Amazon's Elastic Block Store.

Deloitte's using the T-word - “transformation” - to explain the reason for its new three-way. The idea is that linking its cloudy people and ERP-y people will help companies as they figure out how to cope with the fact that customers of just about every organisation anywhere now expect to interact online, on any device, any time, and enjoy a pleasingly intuitive and personalised user experience while they're at it. Which is Reg longhand for the T-word.

The consultancy also feels that throwing its suits and pre-rolled SAP at the situation will make it less risky to get into the cloud.

But then they always promise that, don't they? ®

* We made that up because it sounds good.

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