Red Hat’s Jen Krieger joins Continuous Lifecycle lineup as keynoter

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Events We’re very happy to reveal that Red Hat’s Jen Krieger will be delivering a keynote at Continuous Lifecycle London, our three-day DevOps, Agile, CD and Containers conference this May.

Jen is chief agile architect at Red Hat, where she leads a department-wide DevOps movement focusing on CI/CD best practices. She has worked with the Project Atomic and OpenShift teams, and is currently guiding teams across the company into agility in a way that respects and supports its commitment to Open Source.

She will be kicking off day two of our conference programme, looking at how there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for DevOps, and how the main roadblocks to any transformation strategy may well be around communication rather than technology.

Jen, along with fellow keynoter Dave Farley, rounds out a wide-ranging programme that will see almost 40 speakers on our two day conference programme at the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre in the heart of London.

Whether you’re thinking about how to structure your organisation to embrace a more agile, continuous delivery approach to the software development cycle, diving deep into containers, or want to take your use of particular tools to the next level, we’re confident our lineup will not just explain how to approach those knotty delivery issues, but inspire you to solve them on your terms.

Our day three-day workshops will take you even deeper on select topics. We’ve got six on the agenda this year, covering Kubernetes and Prometheus, Continuous Delivery and Docker, DevOps and Databases, CD with Docker Swarm, and of course our session from continuous delivery originator Dave Farley. Places for all our workshops are limited, so if you delay, you might not get in on the day.

Throughout the conference and the workshop programme, our over-arching aim is to take you beyond the visions and theories, and show you how real world organisations are applying the technology and tools that everyone else is just talking about.

We’re sure you’ll also learn plenty from your fellow attendees both in the Q/As, and on the sidelines. We’ll ensure you’ve got the time, space and supplies to talk about what’s happening in your organisations.

We want you to be there, but places are limited for both the workshops and the conference programme. So, we strongly suggest check out our early bird ticket offer now. ®

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