Microsoft offers Dynamics 365 data-sucking stoppage

Cloud ERP with cloud synchronisation turned OFF

A version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP with cloud turned off is coming in the second quarter.

Dynamics 365 for operations “local business data” is for deployment on premises with synchronization to Microsoft’s cloud turned off and data stored locally rather than on Microsoft's own servers.

The system targets large Microsoft clients reluctant to switch to Dynamics 365, released in November 2016.

It’s seen as concession in the wake of a half-in, half-out option of Dynamics 365 called cloud and edge.

Dynamics 365 partner Stuart Fenton, chief executive QuantiQ, told The Reg: “It [cloud and edge] didn’t really answer the questions for all the client situations.

“Microsoft have now nailed it will a full on-premises version.”

Clients would be “OK” with the fact local business data lacks features of the cloud, Fenton said.

Announcing the service here, general manager for Dynamics 365 for operations in Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise group Sri Srinivasan wrote: “If customers turn OFF cloud synchronization, no business data leaves their trustee’s boundaries.

"Turning off synchronization will kill Power BI, Aggregated Views and Azure Machine Learning capabilities."

Customers can choose to take advantage of the embedded intelligence functions by "simply turning ON data synchronization to the cloud,” Srinivasan said.

The option to turn off data synchronization has been granted to get those Microsoft customers on Dynamics 365 unwilling, or unable, to let their data go.

Srinivasan highlighted organisations constrained by local or sectoral data residency and control laws and those having just invested in a data centre.

Customers can stay with on-prem using Dynamics 365 if they are already paying for Software Assurance or the Business Ready Enhancement Plan. ®

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