HPE offers SimpliVity staff a chance to become Living Dead

Offering contracts that will end soon … but might end sooner

HPE's offering some SimpliVity staff the chance to join the ranks of the Living Dead.

After showing the door to some workers last week, HPE has now approached some of those who survived with offers of employment that “... will end no later than [Insert Date].”*

SimpliVity staff aren't keen on this arrangement, because they tell us colleagues who were dismissed outright received full severance pay. This Living Dead deal will come with a payment upon conclusion of employment, but SimpliVity staff tell us it will be a smaller sum.

Worse still, it looks like some of those asked to stay on at HPE's pleasure are being asked to train HPE staff in how to sell and service SimpliVity.

Over on The Layoff, former staff are venting, with tales of SimpliVity management telling them that long weeks and months of work would pay off with a lucrative exit.

But SimpliVity sold for a surprisingly low price and it looks like rank and file staff didn't get the chance to cash out. And now some have the chance to become zombie workers.

The Reg asked HPE to comment on sackings and ongoing employment terms. A spokesperson told us, "HPE is working closely with the SimpliVity team to ensure staffing resources are optimized to deliver uninterrupted service to our customers and accelerate the financial performance of the combined business. We do not disclose specifics around the number of employment opportunities we offer to acquired talent." ®

* We've omitted the date because HPE could conceivably identify staff based anticipated end-of-work date.

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