You're mulling GitHub Enterprise. Not keen on on-prem hosting. You don't totally hate cloud...

This'll all end in tiers

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It's purely coincidental that GitHub is now offering a 99.95 per cent uptime guarantee after the downtime experienced by Amazon Web Services customers on Tuesday.

GitHub's stability commitment applies to its new Business tier, priced at $21 per user per month, which includes SAML single sign-on, automated provisioning and deprovisioning, and 24-hour support five days a week.

In a phone briefing with The Register, GitHub senior director of product, Connor Sears, said SAML support for single sign-on was by far the most requested feature from business customers.

GitHub's SAML implementation supports Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin, Ping Identity, and Shibboleth.

GitHub Business shares some of the features of GitHub Enterprise, the major difference being that the former is hosted by GitHub and the latter requires customer-supplied infrastructure or a cloud provider like AWS, Azure, or (as of Wednesday) Google Compute Engine.

Sears said GitHub has offered an on-premises version of its software to enterprises since 2012, but that lately, there's been interest in having at least one foot in the cloud too. "It's not an either-or choice," he said. "It's about their need for control."

Many organizations, Sears said, want both on-premises and hosted repositories for their source code.

"Businesses more and more want not just a presence in open source," said Sears, "but the ability to contribute back to open source, as well as benefit from it."

GitHub Enterprise, meanwhile, is getting augmentation surgery. Beyond its newfound ability to speak to Google's cloud, version 2.9 adds support for load balancers and the ability to:

  • Resolve merge conflicts from within pull requests
  • Dismiss pull request reviews
  • Solicit pull request reviews from specific individuals

Commit message searches in GitHub Enterprise can now look in specific data fields, such as author, date, and message. Users can be managed in bulk and located via their GPG keys. And there are other new capabilities too.

Among these, one of the more significant is support for GitHub projects at an organizational level. Organization-wide projects allow everyone in that group to see issues and pull requests for any of the organization's repositories. ®


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