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Dark net webmail provider Sigaint still in the, er, dark

Three weeks later, and no word

Sigaint, one of the largest dark web email providers, is approaching its third week of unavailability with still no clear signs about what's happening to the service.

The site has been down since at least February 11, with no news about what's happening as yet. In the absence of a clear explanation, speculation is, unsurprisingly, rife. Users have taken to Reddit and Twitter to voice their angst.

Sigaint allowed users to send and receive email without revealing their location or identity. The service operated through a Tor hidden service, available though a clear net proxy gateway, or directly on the dark web.

The service has run for years despite deanonymisation attacks by Federal agencies and other hostile parties. For example, hackers (possibly from intelligence agencies) targeted the service via the tactical deployment of 70 bad Tor exit nodes back in April 2015.

Other dark web email providers are available but Sigaint is one of the more (but far from universally) trusted and popular. One group of Sigaint email account holders is offering 20k to get back their emails. ®

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