SwiftStack drops v5.0, says hybrid IT rules OK!

Blasts data between on-prem and public cloud

SwiftStack v5's Cloud Sync provides two-way replication between on-premises data centres and Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3 and Glacier.

Open-source object storage SwiftStack software delivers access to petabytes of unstructured data in a single namespace, with a pay-as-you-grow feature. It first talked about Cloud Sync back in November. Now it's here, more details have surfaced.

This bi-directional data shunting is managed via policies so data is automatically delivered to where it can be computed on or utilised within private data centres or in the public cloud. Policies can be set so users can have things like cost, performance, security, access and availability optimised.

SwiftStack stores data in a cloud-native format, both on-premises and in public cloud buckets. With Cloud Sync selected, data can be placed in the public cloud for cloud bursting. Results from that cloud computing can be synchronised back so they can be utilised locally or used in the next step of a hybrid workflow.

Another potential use case is collaboration with partners; businesses can place data needed for this in shared cloud buckets. A third is retrieving data archived off to the cloud.

The v5.0 version of SwiftStack also has:

  • Multi-region erasure coding for improved storage efficiency
  • Support for deep buckets with more than 100 million objects
  • New desktop client for Windows and OS X to allow users access to data placed across hybrid cloud architectures

We're told that SwiftStack will continue to expand the capabilities of Cloud Sync to support additional public cloud platforms and expand data management for multi cloud applications this year. We guess Azure support is coming, and perhaps support for IBM's COS. SwiftStack has also joined the Google Cloud Technology Partner Program.

SwiftStack v5.0 is publicly available. If you are attending the Google Cloud Next Conference 2017, 8-10 March in San Francisco, you can see it at booth #A4. ®

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