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President Trump-themed escort services may soon open in China

Almost 40 trademarks given for tourists seeking the company of bad mamacitas

China may soon be home to Donald Trump-themed escort services.

Preliminary approval has been granted for 38 trademarks for Trump-branded escort services, massage parlors, and bars in China, according to public documents.

Approval comes as the US President and his family prepare to develop a range of branded businesses in the nation, despite Trump previously slamming it for gobbling a lot of American jobs.

While The Donald was campaigning to become president in April 2016, his lawyers had applied for trademarks in the Middle Kingdom; trademarks which were provisionally approved on 27 February and 6 March by the China Trademark Office.

As long as the trademark bureau receives no official objections, the trademarks will be officially recognized in 90 days, 35 of them in the name of Donald Trump himself.

Of course, if the most controversy-friendly president of the millennium receives any special treatment in securing trademark rights, he would be found to be in violation of the constitution, which prohibits public servants from accepting benefits from foreign governments without the approval of Congress.

Dan Plane, a director at Hong Kong intellectual property consultancy Simone IP Services, was quoted by the Associated Press as saying he had never seen so many applications approved so quickly: "For all these marks to sail through so quickly and cleanly, with no similar marks, no identical marks, no issues with specifications – boy, it's weird," Plane stated.

Richard Painter – who was President George W Bush's chief ethics lawyer and is currently involved in a lawsuit alleging Trump's foreign business ventures are violations of the constitution – also told AP that the volume of trademark approvals raised red flags for him.

"A routine trademark, patent or copyright from a foreign government is likely not an unconstitutional emolument, but with so many trademarks being granted over such a short time period, the question arises as to whether there is an accommodation in at least some of them," according to Painter. ®

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